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Nov 16 12 10:28 AM

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So my Military Coat from Indochino was my first purchase. I wanted to buy a suit, but at my work I would literally be one out of very few actually ever wearing a suit to work as the company policy is business casual. However I do still stick to a formal business wear dress code I just didn't see the point. So I figured a new winter jacket made more sense. I got the jacket and loved it.

Our work christmas party was coming up and knew I wanted to look good, also it was the perfect excuse to get a nice suit haha. Our comapny christmas parties just for my branch alone is usually about 1000-1800 people at them, and they've done very nicely.

This year is a new york theme christmas party so I went with the 3 piece vincero with 7 buttons on the vest. My christmas party is December 1st. I received my jacket on November 3rd. I wanted to get the jacket and see the measurements before actually ordering anything else in case I really screwed up on the measurements. Loved the jacket, bought the suit.

I ordered the 3 piece vincero with 3 shirts, a belt, tie and pocket square. Estimated delivery date of November 30th. I knew I was cutting it close, and e-mailed Indochino to confirm if I would receive it by the expected "receive by" date. I was told it was expected to ship on december 2nd. I confirmed this with them twice. I asked if I could cancel the suit purchase because it just didn't make much sense to order it if I wasn't going to get it in time, and wanted to cancel it before they actually started producing it. Figured I would order the excursionist trenchcoat and superhero blazer.

I was then informed it is expected to be received by the 30th. I found this odd and started to get turned away by Indochino slightly because I felt as if I might be getting lied to, just to keep my purchase there. So I asked again to confirm because I was told two times it wouldn't ship until December 2nd, I couldn't complain I knew I ordered this very late. I was told that they have requested it be shipped before the 30th or on the 30th and if they can not have that happen they would contact me.

Again, I felt this was BS. What are the odds this is actually going to happen. I thought they might be dragging their heels just to buy some time and then ship it at that date, late or not, and i'll be too excited to receive it that I would look away from returning it. I placed the order November 3rd. The item has shipped November 16th.

I'm assuming they rushed the suit to get it to me on time, and I feel guilty as it would have cut in front of other peoples orders and I know they typically dont do this, however the customer service is unreal. I just can't believe it. There's a small fear that one day their business will grow to a size where this level of customer service cannot be maintained and managed to the level that it is. I have no fear dealing with this business and cannot wait to purchase more from them. should receive this suit on Monday, with hopefully no issues in terms of fit at least that can't be corrected by December 1st at a local tailor. Should have some pictures to upload of it shortly after.

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