Jan 20 14 9:41 AM

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After a year of reading this blog and casually checking out the Indochino website, I ordered two suits on December 1st using the discount they had at the time. 6 weeks of waiting came and went. Finally, last week I sent an email inquiring about the status. 24 hours later I received an email from Indochino letting me know they couldn't finish the order because one of the linings I chose was not available. I was asked to choose a different lining. I wonder what would have happened if I'd never sent the email requesting for an update. My response to Indochino's email was a question to find out if any attempt was made to contact me prior to my email, to inform me the lining was not available. I never got a response back. Finally a couple of days ago I called Customer Service to cancel the order.

I was looking forward to receiving the Indochino suits. They have a very nice website and the suits look very nice. Now, I will never know.