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Sep 26 13 2:31 PM

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I would like to buy a good general purpose suit and get the best bang for my buck.  I would wear this suit all year (Calgary, Alberta  Canada climate) at wedding, funerals, parties etc.

I've narrowed it down to grey (good for most purposes I think) and I'm considering Indochino as it seems good value for my money.  Something I'm having trouble with is distinguishing between the collections.

- Premium Grey Suit ($649)
- Essential Grey Suit ($449)
- Ultimate Grey Linen Suit ($429)
and Nanotech Slate Suit ($599) has crossed my mind

Does anyone have recommendations?  I know the fabric has different blends and the more expensive ones I image have higher end refinements but in general - I'm not sure what the differences are.

Is the Linen Suit for hot weather only?  Is Nanotech good for water/ stains but not as nice feeling?

I plan on getting the tailors kit - but that seems to be all about the feel in my fingers and the look of the sample.


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Oct 7 13 3:16 PM

I think a darker gray suit is the most versatile--a charcoal gray is serious enough for a funeral but not too grim for a party or wedding. My feeling is, if you're just going to have *one* suit, it should be either charcoal or navy.

Have you considered the essential charcoal suit or premium charcoal suit? Is there a reason you decided against them?

I think if you're just getting one suit, it's best to go with 100% wool, and not try to go techno. ;-) As far as the difference between "essential" and "premium", you might want to let the tailor's kit settle that for you.

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