May 8 13 5:27 PM

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I don’t have the ideal body type. I know I need to visit the gym more regularly - and I am - but in the meantime, I still want to look good. I don’t have any OTR suits that I love - none of them fit me quite right, or are particularly flattering. On a friend’s recommendation, I visited the Indochino Suit Up event in Boston - I definitely wanted to try a MTM suit, but didn’t trust myself to get the measurements right, so being able to take advantage of their Traveling Tailor was the catalyst I needed to try this out. I did a lot of reading on Indochino before going to see the Traveling Tailor, and went in fully realizing that hardly anyone gets a good suit the first time - most every review I’ve read includes alterations or a remake before it’s right; most every review was also pretty happy with the final outcome.

So after making myself comfortable with expectations - this is a process that will require some investment and patience, but probably pay off in the end - I visited the tailor (which was a great experience), picked my customizations, and submitted the order. The suit and a shirt were ordered on April 9, and delivered May 5 - so just under a month, which is what they indicated.

After the unboxing - the suit was shipped and presented nicely in a flat package - I tried it on. Although I knew that 95% of the reviews I read weren’t perfect out of the box, I was hoping that I’d get lucky and be one of the few that nailed it right away (I’ve got a lot of travel coming up, and having a sharp new suit to add into the mix right away would be sweet). Alas, I think this one is going to need some work.

These are the things I've noticed - I'd love any feedback or suggestions anyone could offer.

The Jacket:

  • I can button the jacket comfortably, but…
  • There seems to be a bit of pulling a the buttons when buttoned.
  • There’s some other dimpling / waviness along my flanks.
  • The sleeves definitely seem too short; I like showing some cuff, not the entire cuff.
  • Although they said shorter jackets are more in style right now, the jacket does seem too short for me and my junk-filled trunk, so I’d like it a bit longer.

  • The left shoulder doesn’t match the right shoulder; the left seems to have more material bunched up in the seam, causing a noticeable ridge.

  • Long story short, I think the jacket will need to go back for a remake. I don’t believe these are issues that can be corrected just with tailoring.

The Pants:

  • The waist actually feels great. It buttons comfortably, not too tight, definitely not too loose.
  • The pants are definitely too tight in the thighs and calves.
  • The crotch needs to be lower, I think - it doesn’t feel at all ‘roomy’ in there.
  • If I bend my leg up, or try to sit down, it definitely gets too tight - almost to the point where I think I’m going to blow a seam.
  • There is some odd “twisting” in the back that causes an odd crease on my butt, while twisting the pleated line up the back of the legs.
  • Despite wearing the same shoes in these pics that I wore to the Traveling Tailor, I think they’re too long.