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Apr 12 13 10:02 PM

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I was thinking of buying one of the blazers from the current collection and today I went to order and noticed the Bruno Brown tweed blazer was back in stock.
Now this was a blazer I really wanted. I emailed indochino a few weeks ago asking if any tweed was coming back in stock and they said no (I know their policy of once it's sold out it's sold out but I can hope)
So I ordered that blazer as fast as I could but after my order went through it's sold out again.
Does anyone know why this happens? Is it something to do with remakes and making sure they have enough fabric? Did someone find a bit more fabric in the back room?

Whatever the reason I wish it'd happen more often, I need a camel overcoat.

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Apr 19 13 12:36 PM

I don't know why this happens, but it's one of my pet peeves with Indochino.  There was a shirt I wanted, that disapppeared, then came back - I carted it but ran into issues and had to email support.  The shirt was still in my cart, but the next day when things were fixed I went back but couldn't purchase it. Asked them about it, they said it wasn't going to come back, but then three weeks later, there it was!  I ordered it then, but it's just really weird how inventory pops in and out.

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