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Apr 10 13 5:07 PM

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Hi, all. I was hoping to get some advice on ordering my first suit with Indochino. Specifically, when making my measurements, I noticed that my right arm measures about 0.5 inches shorter than my left. Apparently this is not uncommon; I asked Indochino about it, and they said I could send them a message after placing an order to request the adjustment.

I have no experience with made-to-order clothing (and only limited experience with tailored off-the-rack). Is there any danger/downside to asking for different sleeve lengths? Does it look asymetrical? Could it possibly look strange if worn with OTR shirts I have?


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Indochino Regular

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Apr 11 13 8:24 AM

You are right, wearing OTR shirts with both sleeves the same length would look weird on your shorter arm with the shorter suit sleeve then. 0.5 inches is also not that much of a difference, so you could just leave it the same length. Personally, I think I would leave them the same length. 

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