Mar 6 13 12:06 AM

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I assume that most people on this forum are here because they're fans, to one degree or another, of Indochino and its products. I certainly am - I came to IC just as they transitioned away from the purely low-cost, deal-focused company that they began as and into the more confident, mid-range suit manufacturer that they are today, so my allegiance isn't just based on economics, but the fact that even with some higher costs, IC's products are well worth the investment. 

Unfortunately there have been some changes - some recent, others less so - which have certainly not been to my liking, and judging by this site I'm not alone. There are also some ongoing problems that IC has yet to address which I think are a hindrance. And so, with no further adieu, I give you my totally unauthoritative list of things, big and small, that IC could do to make me, and I suspect many others, a little happier. 

1: Show me the options

To be fair, the website is much improved over even a few months ago. And yet, there are some key customizations which are left very poorly demonstrated. Why not have a full, real-life shot of every lining that's available, instead of the boxes that we're currently left with? Why not provide details like the actual size/width of the various lapel options? And even if IC doesn't eventually do the sane thing and integrate the 3-piece option into the customization process, they really need to do more to show how that will result - right now we get a close-up of a suit model's upper chest, instead of the full demonstration trotted out for the 3-Piece Essentials and Vinceros. It also wouldn't hurt to throw in a double-breasted jacket or two, since just about the only way to gauge that look is from the photos that Lorenz posted for his review. Photography is cheap these days, guys - show us more!

2: Le'go of my suit patterns

IC offers a pretty broad range of customizations. And yet, there are a few which have remained absent which would really shore up the customer's options. These include wider peak lapels (virtually essential for DBs, and sometimes quite flattering on SBs as well), additional inner pockets and, perhaps most importantly, LOWER BUTTON STANCES. Yes, that last one is a huge pet peeve of mine. Until last fall, IC offered a stance that was probably about an inch lower than its standard. However, apparently (Lorenz mentioned this in a comment somewhere a while ago) this has caused problems with their patterns. FOOEY, I say. The single-button jacket has a lower stance, so why not do a slight modification of that? We all know constructing a suit isn't easy, it's also not rocket science, so there must be a solution within IC's grasp. Nevertheless, the model pics that accompany new suits have slowly seen the button stance creep up, and I suspect that an internal company preference is dictating the decision as much as anything else. it's certainly on-trend...which brings me to my next point. 

3: Steer clear of trends

Okay, IC is a men's fashion company. I get that menswear is always changing, and that companies need to adapt to those changes. But menswear also has a long and rich tradition, and the aesthetics that have developed within it did not just magically appear out of nowhere - they are built on foundations that are hundreds of years old. IC needs to pay these foundations a bit more heed, because whoa, are the model suits on the site out of touch. The latest collection, the Italian Premium suits, are the worst offenders yet. Everything - and I mean EVERYTHING - is too tight. The shoulders, the waist, the hips, all of it. The jackets are also ridiculously short, far beyond what could be considered tastefully modern. And then to top it all off, they go with a single vent. I don't have a problem with single vents, mind you, but they are decidedly NOT on-trend, and not terribly flattering on jackets cut so small. To make this all worse, the high button stance compounds the problem by creating jackets that are tremendously bottom heavy, with an almost bell-like shape to them. Of course, the final products that make their ways into customers' hands will probably fit better, but if this is how IC thinks people should look in suits, I daresay they need to think again. 

4: Keep updating the website

The recent addition of that little tool in the suits section that lets you look at different pocket, button and lapel combinations is really great, but limited. I hope that sometime down the road that's something that customers will be able to do with all products. If features like this continue to be built out, the entire customer experience, which is already pretty good, my issues in (1) notwithstanding, will be all the better for it. The addition of separate profiles within accounts would be nice as well. 

So that's a few of the major things that I can think of now - less points than I'd have initially thought, although a lot of issues are wrapped up into each one. Anyone have any thoughts? Additions? Disagreements?