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Dec 3 12 4:16 PM

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I'm curious if anyone here regularly wears suits to work and if so what type of work do you do?

I recently purchased my first real suit from Indochino and I'm anxiously waiting on the 3rd remake to arrive which is hope fits perfectly. I can't wait to have a proper fitting suit in my wardrobe but I doubt I'll ever wear it to work. I'll probably save it for interviews and what not in the future.

I currently work for the federal government and everyone in the office dresses very casual as we don't really meet external clients. My director is usually the only person who sports a suit or a sports coat; even my manager just pulls off a dress shirt and khakis or jeans. I'm thinking it would be fairly awkward to be donning a suit while even my manager doesn't suit up.

Taking advantage of the Black Friday deal a few weeks ago, I purchased some dress shirts and dress pants which is what I typically wear to work from Mondays to Thursdays. Fridays are pretty much a very casual day where people wear t-shirts and some even dare to wear sandals in summer. I Actually have a few co-workers in my directorate that actually wears t-shirts everyday.

In this type of environment I doubt I'd ever really wear a suit or would really be required to unless I'm going to be having a meeting with senior management. I certainly hope I get some decent usage out of the suit though as I'm already thinking to purchase a navy blue or charcoal essential when Indochino has their next deal LOL.

So guys, do you normally wear suits to work and what is your work environment like?

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Dec 5 12 4:23 PM

I work for a big multinational company and while there is no formal dress code, people wear suits every day. 
When I started working there as an intern, I used to stick to dress pants and shirts, but I soon just adapted the full suit including tie look. It just made me feel more comfortable. As for what suit I wear, there are actually no rules. I feel pretty free to try different patterns and colours, so that surely makes it more interesting. I always wear a tie though, I don't like the look of suits without ties. 

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Dec 5 12 10:31 PM

I work for an investment banking firm and I wear a suit every day, since we often interact with clients. On casual Fridays we can lose the tie and go with jeans, but usually people still wear a dress shirt and a blazer if they don't wear a suit.

I worked in a federal government job for a few years that sounds very similar to yours. I think you should go for the blazer look. People will always question dress choices that are different than the norm, but that doesn't mean it's a bad thing. Even at my job, where a suit is the norm, people comment on fabric choices or suit details that are a little bit edgy. I say go for the blazer and shrug off the comments, since they will only last a few weeks.

I'd rather be know as "that guy who wears those really nice blazers" rather than "that guy who wears t-shirts all the time."

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Feb 3 13 3:10 PM

I work at a state university as the student body president, and I wear suits quite frequently, though not every day. I'd like to comment on the common sentiment of "nobody else wears a suit, so I'd feel awkward in one." I completely understand where this comes from, but I've bucked the norm and had great results. Although senior administrators here typically do wear suits, most mid and low-level admins and professors do not. Then there's me, an undergraduate who comes to the university most days wearing suits and ties, or sometimes blazers. 
After just a little while of this, it stopped feeling unusual to wear a suit to work. Really, when I don't dress up is when things feel out of the ordinary, and people ask "where's your suit?" or "no bow tie today?" Furthermore, I get a ton of compliments, which makes me feel good. If you don't like being noticed, though, suits might not be the best choice. Furthermore, suits have had another pleasant byproduct: Respect. I can't comment on other universities or work environments, but here, undergraduates aren't given the most respect. I don't mean disrespect, but it's clear that there is an unspoken "credibility gap" between those who have finished their degree(s) and those who are still working on them. I don't have that problem. When I'm in committee meetings, or when I talk to administrators and professors, they talk to me like I'm a colleague, on their level.
Even when I'm just milling around or strolling through the hallways, people seem drawn to me, even if just to give me respectful "hellos." If I need help, people politely give it to me. And if I ever look like I'm in a hurry, by god, people get out of my way (I don't mean to sound snooty--I think this is kind of funny). I really believe in the saying "dress for the job you want." For me, dressing up has had so many benefits. If you like suits, wear them! You'll be glad you did.

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